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I started working with 35mm film after I bought a little Canon AE-1P at a pawn shop. It helped get me out of  a creative rut and taught me to look at things differently.

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Taken on a trip to Utah for a wedding. I also learned lots about taking film through airport security!

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I started a long-term project. I'm unsure where it'll go in 2019, or if it'll go, but I'm happy I kept on it through most of 2018. It's an important project about girls in male-dominated sports.

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I photographed just two track meets this year, but loved every second of them both. Hoping for more in 2019!

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More track because it's my favorite thing to photograph.

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Representation of me here at the end of 2018. (Just kidding, but also me after a 400 meter dash, just like this athlete)

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I started photographing sports for Getty Images, where I work as a picture editor. The ultimate goal is to move to shooting for Getty full-time, but I've had some amazing opportunities so far. This was my first assignment with Getty, and this shot ended up in the Washington Post and more. It's definitely not a "best-of," but it was a milestone for sure.

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My second soccer game for Getty. This shot ended up in the LA Times. 

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More Zlatan for Getty, though this game I finally had my 400 f/2.8. 

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In November, I attended my second workshop of the year (the first was The Image, Deconstructed in April), and went to Summit Sports California in Thousand Oaks. I soaked up every second, from 5am wake-ups for surfing shoots, to long days shooting basketball, football, waterpolo, lighting classes, and portfolio reviews. An amazing experience.

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Also in November, I photographed the Denver Broncos v. the Los Angeles Chargers. I met Denver's team photographer, Gabriel, at the conference in April, and he graciously offered to credential me. I wasn't sure I'd be able to until the week before, and my images remain for personal use only, but it was an incredible experience, and I'll never forget it. I'm so grateful to have my first NFL game be a Broncos game.

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Late in 2018, I started photographing NHL hockey for Getty. I have two more hockey games lined up, and my last 2018 shoot will be at the Ducks' in Anaheim on New Years Eve. A great way to close out a packed and exciting 2018!

Year in Review
katharine lotze
Dec 26, 2018
I've been looking through my friends and colleagues end-of-year posts, seeing all the top-9 Instagram images, and the re-cap blog posts, and thinking about what I have to say about 2018. Lots of people post their favorite images. Some people post their most popular or well-known images.

For me, 2018 was a huge growth year. I went to a conference in April and a workshop in November. I started working on a long-term project. I did my first several portfolio reviews. I started shooting sports (with a few entertainment/news things thrown in) for Getty Images (where I started as an editor in 2017). I bought and started dabbling in 35mm film. I rebuilt my website here with Visura (and then a second one just last week for my mom). I finally insured all my gear -- after purchasing my workhorse 400 f/2.8. I was the runner-up in the Shoot Like Shirley award for female sports photographers under 30. I applied and was not accepted into Eddie Adams Workshop for the fourth and final time, but I learned a lot anyway. This year was the year I finally started investing, wholly, in myself and my photography, and finally cracked into what I really want to be doing. It's a great feeling, and I can't wait for what's to come in 2019.

Katharine Lotze

Katharine Lotze is a photographer and photo editor for Getty Images, covering sports and news in Southern California.
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